miércoles, junio 30, 2004

De lo que fue... Y lo que es.

Now I realise...
A little bit curious though, knowing I've realised it so many times before...
On one hand I know I'm happy, I know I may always be happy, whatever the circumstances...
On the other hand, I don't know wether I'm gonna have a lover again sometime...
I mean, I know it's possible, it's just I can't see the way out of this goddamn tunnel.
Of course this doesn't make me unhappy. Beyond messing up with my happiness, it keeps me asking myself stupid questions like:
Is there love and cherish for me?

Sometimes I wish I had someone; sometimes I just can't imagine myself with someone by my side.
The only and absolute truth is I have no one by my side right now.
What a terrible way to live for such a romantic being as me.

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