viernes, julio 09, 2004

Memories & Butterflies

So it stroke again...

This time I was walking towards the laboratory in which I was assisting to my summercourse at the University. There goes me, in quite a relaxed rhythm that just shouts "There goes Parkash, always walking as if nothing really matters".

Suddenly, out of nowhere, something flashes around me. The light, which such intensity it blinds me for a second, leaves me standing somewhere else. I don't really know how I got here, I just did. I take a look around the place and it's... A little fuzzy really and, after a little while my eyes get used to the change of illumination.

Here I am, walking still, in HTW's parking lots...

But wait, the place doesn't really matter.

I'm overwhelmed with this feeling.
Wouldn't know how to describe it. It's like breathing a reaally huge mouthful of air, not only filling your lungs but your entire body. My whole being radiates light, and I can't erase that enormous smile in my face. I walk with the strange wish of nothing and, in my head, her face smiling at me.

What I like the most is the other feeling; in a most exquisite way, this one comes by the hand with the one described above. So I'm walking along the street now (a commercial zone), waiting patiently to see her again, when I listen to what must be a fairy's voice calling my name. Then it begins, all these butterflies flying in all directions, crashing and bouncing in my stomach. My voice fades out along with my thoughts (this leaving me as a complete dumbass, hehe), and the temperature suddenly raises up a lot making me blush and sweat...

I realize then, that maybe I won't ever have a sweeter moment than this one. Aware of this tragic possibility I find myself singing "The second you sleep" along with my stereo while I drive my car through the chaotic city in which I happen to live.

When the hell happened all these and how on Earth did I get here?

I want to stay

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