martes, julio 06, 2004


It's been about four months since I decided I didn't want to sleep at all. At the beginning, I thought it was because I had too many feelings inside me. Of course, I didn't want to ignore them, and my "solution" was not to sleep --this way forcing myself to feel every single emotion awake.

Today I understood this is not a matter of keeping awake in order to increase my emotions. This is quite simpler:

By the end of the day, I feel empty
I didn't have enough fun,
Nor I ate the way I would've wanted to.
I didn't speak to the people I wished...
GOD! They ignore that TODAY I love them.

I come home and find it not mine anymore.
By the time I'm in my room at night...
I find myself alone, longing for someone else
Someone I can share my happiness with,
And watch the miracle of love through her eyes.

Then I think of her.
There's much I wish I had done before,
When I still had the chance.

I still remember
How's it like to see the stars in her glassis
She will be forever carved in my soul.

Oh, if I could only watch her again.
Not a day goes by without me thinking of her,
I long hearing laugh while she curls her hair,
And stroll along toghether in the streets.

I can't really say I love her and,
DAMN! I want to shout it forever,
I want to make sunny days just for us
And cuddle up when rain comes.

Maybe that's it, all these months --and the ones left--, these are all rainy days. On rainy days I'm nostalgic... Then again, I know sunny days will come for me.

Ahhh I wish I could write down everything I feel... And I wish I could finally say what I need to say, but I'll wait, till the right moment comes.

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