jueves, febrero 03, 2005

Partly Cloudy H: 59%

--> John Brion - Theme for Eternal sunshine of a spotless mind <--

Thesis .- There is a motionless entity which makes us feel and act around these feelings we experience...

A couple with a huge distance inbetween

A communication medium

Uncertainty, the worst enemy for their relationship
Love, the only thing that shortens the distance

He says he has something important to ask
"I'll ask you when we're together again"

She says she wants to know now
"Pleaase, tell meeee"

He says this is not the right moment
"You know the question; because I love you, remember"

She says she doesn't know
"I don't know... Remember? --What do you mean? Hahahaha, do I want to marry you?

Mostly Cloudy H: 59%

Thesis: There is one motionless force which helps me express my feelings...
Why did she laugh?

-->That's not right... I'm freezing...<--

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